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Ten Dating Mistakes Free Dating Tips and Advice 12 Dating Ideas - Free eBook

Never spend another minute thinking of what to do on a date again!

"Need A Great Date Idea?"

"Here Are Hundreds of Sizzling Date Ideas Guaranteed To Attract & Win Another Date!"

Tired of boring dates? Here is a chance to boost your dating life with hot dating ideas, tips and advice that can drastically improve your dating!

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Date: Thursday, February 14, 2019
From: Merrill Teemant
Re: Killer Date Ideas that Win Big

Dear Man or Woman:

How often do you find yourself asking the following question?

"What should we do for a date?"

Chances are just about every time you have a date, right? Once a week? Twice a week? or More? It gets old very fast trying to think of new and exciting dates week after week.

Now, I don't have to tell you that if you want to win someone's heart you must know how to plan riveting dating adventures.

Adventures that'll have them coming back for more.

Just consider for a moment… That hot girl or guy you're going out with has done the same old dinner and a movie with every other person before you. Now's your chance — don't blow it. You need a fantastic idea, a time full of excitement, thrill, memories and sparks. But how will you make it happen?

I'll let you in on a little secret … if you can't plan a new, fresh date that'll impress, you will squelch their attraction for you. You see, most people are attracted to a someone who's confident, a leader, and a take-charge person.

Fumbling to come up with a great date idea will make you look like you lack confidence, that you're unsure of yourself — and you'll make it just that much easier for all the wolves out there to snatch her/him right out of your hands. And if you plan a "boring" date, then you can bet it will be your last date.

From men like Don Juan to the romance novel hero gracing today's romance novels that women devour — the men depicted in these books all create spellbinding adventures that women fantasize about.

For better or for worse, women judge you by what they read about in these romance novels, the movies they watch, and the TV shows that hypnotize them. They sit in pow wows comparing how your date measured up to that of their friends.

And if you can't plan a fresh date full of electricity, then you won't measure up. So what's a person to do?

Sure, you could try to wing it. But you already know that you then run the risk of not standing out from all the other men she's left at the curbside. Or you can take charge and get your hands on 404 fresh, exciting dating ideas that'll have her swooning over you — if that's what you want.

Let me give you a little of my background. I have been dating approximately 2 to 4 dates a week from ages 16 to 30 (as a single) and 1 date a week from age 30 to age 36 (married) (that's a couple thousand dates or so).

During this time, I always tried to stretch the imagination and do something interesting, creative, unique and different. I would ask everyone I knew for ideas, I would constantly scour books, magazines and the like, for new and interesting date ideas.

As a result of all those years of actively researching the best dates, I ended up with quite a collection of exceptional dating ideas.

Knowing this, friends would always call me and ask “Hey Merrill, I got this hot date coming up and I could sure use some good date ideas!”

It was this year that I decided it was time to put all of these dating ideas into a book so that everyone could have access to the best dating ideas.

At Last, All The Awesome Dating Ideas
You Want At Your Fingertips!

Here's what I've done. Now you can get your hands on 404 tested date ideas that will impress her — introducing the Awesome Dating Ideas package.

The Awesome Dating Ideas package is just what you need to come up with great date ideas in no time flat! At last, the stress and trouble of coming up with and planning a fun, awesome date idea is already done for you! You get 404 awesome date ideas, fully explained, details on what to do, how to act, dating tips and advice.

This is not some bogus list of date ideas, but a carefully crafted series of dates with advice, tips and details of the date - so you will know exactly what to do for the date to be successful.

Whether you need first date ideas, romantic date ideas, cheap date ideas or even free date ideas the Awesome Dating Ideas package has you completely covered. Everything is already done for you!

Here's what this package includes:

The 101 First Date Ideas eBook
The 101 Romantic Date Ideas eBook
The 101 Cheap Date Ideas eBook
The 101 Free Date Ideas eBook.

If you are ready to claim your Awesome Dates package and start planning your dates right now, click HERE - otherwise keep reading.

Let's say you're on that all-important first date — the one that will make or break the first impression she has of you. Will she think you're a loser, a typical guy, or someone special? It depends. Here's where the 101 First Date Ideas eBook comes in. This eBook is jam-packed full of hot date ideas sure to persuade her to want another date with you!

Imagine if you had a way to virtually guarantee that you'd get another date anytime you wanted -- with a hot, good-looking girl? Now you can do just that with 101 First Date Ideas. These dates are the very best at really setting the first impression. Go on one of these dates for a first date, and your chances for a second date have just improved substantially!

Maybe you are at a turning point where you want things to get serious with him or her. Maybe you feel that "she's the one." If so, then it's time to pull out the heavy artillery. You will put her in the romantic mood and seriously impress her every time with the dates that I have explained in the 101 Romantic Date Ideas e-Book.

Now what if you just can't or don't want to spend too much money on your date. For whatever reason. No problem here, you can still weave your own tale of adventure with the date ideas explained in 101 Cheap Date Ideas.

Let's say you've just lost your job, or have practically no money at all. What will you do for a date? Should you just sit on the sidelines and watch the other guys have all the fun? With the 101 Free Date Ideas, you can still have a blast with just about any woman from sophisticated to the small town country girl. The free date ideas revealed in 101 Free Date Ideas will keep you off the sidelines and in the action!

What you will find in your copy of the "Awesome Dating Ideas" package are fast, easy, doable and exciting date ideas that can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

This is exactly what I need - I want to save time, money and headache with the Awesome Dates Package, and never hassle with planning an awesome date ever again! Click Here, download it in minutes and you are on your way to stress free dating!

Sizzling Date Examples:

First Date:
Dinner on the board walk. If you live near a coast, this will be a very memorable first date. Call and get reservations if you need to, so you can sit near the window overlooking the ocean, or better yet if they have an outdoor table - sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Try some calamari or something different for an appetizer. After dinner, take a walk on the board walk or a drive on the coast, get some ice cream and sit on a bench and eat it as you listen to the waves crash and watch the sunset. This can also be a very romantic first date.

Romantic Date:
Dinner in an Atrium. Order an appetizer from one of your favorite restaurants, an entrée from another and dessert from another. Pick them all up. Preferably choose restaurants that are close to each other so that your food stays warm. Beforehand arrange to get evening access to an office building that has a huge Atrium. Have table clothes and candles ready. Bring your date and the food to the preset Atrium location. Enjoy a quiet dinner in the spacious garden Atrium setting.

Cheap Date:
Star Magazine or National Enquirer and Ice-cream Date. This date is a blast, and can end up sparking some romance. Go to the grocery store; buy some fancy ice cream (two pint sized containers of the good stuff), then buy two gossip magazines like Star or National Enquirer (the magazines with the UFO's and the 150 pound babies on the front cover work well also). Go to your place or outside with a blanket, eat the ice cream, read the magazines and laugh at the funny stories in them, or enjoy reading and talking about the latest scoop with your favorite celebrities. If you buy the Ben and Jerry's pints or the Haagen Daz pints of ice cream then it is easier to eat outdoors. Very tasty. Fancy ice cream - $3 per pint (get one for each of you), Magazines $3 per magazine (get one for each of you). Switch magazines when you are done with yours, try each others ice cream.

Free Date:
Ghost Towns. For a creative, fun, exciting and possibly romantic - free date; find a good map of the area that points out where the ghost towns are. Drive to one or two of them. For this date it is best that this is not a commercial ghost town but a real one. When you get there, try to locate where the various houses were and locate the different parts of the town. See if there are any old relics lying around.

See More Date Ideas from these books:

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Yes, the "Awesome Dating Ideas" package will put all of the most exciting, one of a kind, dating ideas you could ever want in your hands. You'll be able to charm or impress even the most experienced women. Save money and avoid the embarrassing mistakes most men make. Plus if you're in a relationship or even married, you will see why these date ideas can put more fire into your relationship!

What Is One Unforgettable Night Of Adventure Worth To You?

So how much are these 404 date ideas worth to you? I ask you, what would one night of adventure with the girl of your dreams be worth to YOU? If such a thing were for sale, how much would you be willing to pay?

You'd probably be willing to pay a lot. Most men would. Using one of these dates alone could save you the $40-$60 most of us spend on the "dinner and movie date" (dinner, tip, movie tickets, popcorn, drink, etc.) that will be forgotten next week.

Well what if for a fraction of the price you'd expect - you can have as many night or days of adventure as you'd like, as often as you'd like? Then you'd be pleased to know that you can own the Awesome Dating Ideas package for just $34.97!

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"While in a money-saving mode, I did date #42 in the 101 Free Dates eBook and had a blast. I usually will spend $35-$50 a week on our date night, but this time it cost us nothing. With one date I saved enough money to pay for the eBook package a couple of times over. I wish that I had this eBook in college!"

-- Dave Henderson, Mesa, AZ

Now consider this, just one of the date ideas out of the 101 First Dates eBook can give you date after date with that sexy, good looking girl who's phone number you've clinched.

And the 101 Romantic Date Ideas will help you get the Romance you have been looking for. These dates are specially chosen to set the mood and jump-start that romantic spirit. Read a few examples of the romantic dating ideas and you will get the idea!

And just think — the 101 Free Date Ideas and 101 Cheap Date Ideas eBooks will easily save you more money than you invested in this package on the first date alone!

If you desire to maximize your dating experience, the Awesome Dating Ideas package is just what you need — it's dating ideas, tips, and advice - will give you the edge you have been looking for in dating.

These are the type of date ideas that will get you the edge you have been looking for in your dating experience. Imagine what the results would be if you found just one "perfect date" out of all of these dates. One date that would really make a difference in your dating. What would one perfect date be worth?

To learn about me and my dating ideas story click here.

Here's what a few of our customers had to say:

"It was so nice, I wanted something original that was not the same old same old. As soon as I got 101 Great First Dates, there were tons of choices that fit me perfectly. Thanks!"

-- Amy Thornton, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Date time, no problem. I just kick back and flip through all those dating ideas. I find one that suits me, and my wife thinks I am so creative!"

-- Tony C. Minnesota .

"Great job on this book!"

-- Bruce R., Midway, Utah

It was the night before the biggest date of my life. I want to sleep but I couldn't because I know I had nothing planned and if I didn't make a HUGE impression on her, I knew I probably wouldn't be going out with her again.

It was 2am and my luck was about to change. I come across this website and purely out of desperation, I bought the ebooks from this site. Boy did it ever pay off!! Any one idea would have been good, but just in case, I opted for three -- I combined part of #39 from 101 First Dates and #43 from 101 Cheap Dates and then finished off the evening with #5 from 101 Cheap Dates. She had a great time!

One of my friends actually took her out a month ago and because of his lack of planning, the night was a terribly frustrating experience for him. She could see that he wasn't prepared and that showed a total lack of leadership. Needless to say, he won't ever have to worry about what to do on their next date because there's not going to be a second date. Lucky for me, he didn't have access to the 101 Great First Dates and now I'm in the drivers seat.

If you want to be a boring date keep doing what you've always done and you'll get the same results that you've always gotten. On the other hand, if you want a date to move to a meaningful relationship, then you have got to buy this product!!!

Many thanks to the Author.

-- Todd Elliot., Portsmouth, Virginia

Click here to take advantage of hundreds of Awesome Date Ideas and start planning killer dates that impress the ladies.

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Try Awesome Dating Ideas For 90 Days Risk-Free!

Here's the deal. Go ahead and download Awesome Dating Ideas today. Take a look at the e-Books you get. Check out the date ideas now available to you. If you don't land more dates, impress and charm women without breaking a sweat then I'll gladly refund your money with no questions asked. What could be fairer?

Plus, even if you were to get a refund, the 5 bonuses:

  • Top Ten Dating Turnoffs - and how to avoid them!
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are yours to keep free. You'll come out $70 ahead and have these 5 Bonus eBooks to refer to whenever you like!

Download the Awesome Dating Ideas package and start planning your big date right Now!

You can only win with this offer.

Worth every penny..
Exactly what I expected and then some. Fun reading and some really GREAT ideas. I Would not be surprised if I tried everything in these booklets at least once over the next year or so. Quality thinking went into these ideas and I recommend these to any current single.

--Adam Palant, Trenton, New Jersey

Here's what you stand to lose if you were to decide not to get the Awesome Dating Ideas package. You'll miss out on all of the titillating extra dates you could have gotten. You'll lose out on making a good impression on that hot girl or guy. You'll have lost the adventure and excitement that could have been yours — and you'll have possibly embarrassed yourself and spent way too much money than you had to dating.

In addition, you will have to waste time and energy thinking of cool, rewarding dates to go on everytime you have a date. If you date a few times a week, you will save tons of energy thought and stress. And if you find that one "perfect" date idea for you and your hottie, it will pay you back time and time again.

Having said that …

You really have no excuse for not ordering the Awesome Dating Ideas package. You can't afford not to invest in getting more dates with attractive women or men, or keep that special one longing for you. This package will undoubtedly pay for itself the first time you go out.

Plus it will give you adventures to tell your friends about if you wish.

For a limited time we are offering all of the Awesome Dating Ideas , and all Five Free Bonuses for only 34.97. A small price when you consider how important each Date is, and how valuable these e-Books and special reports will be to you. Download the Awesome Dating Ideas package, Claim your Five Free Bonuses and start planning your big date right Now! Never hassle with coming up with an Awesome Date Again!

Once again, here's what you're getting:
101 First Date Ideas eBook (19.97 Value) - with full explanations and tips for the absolute Best First Dates that really impress!
101 Romantic Date Ideas eBook (19.97 Value) - jam packed with Hot, Romantic and Passionate Killer Dates - Guaranteed to light the romantic fire!
101 Cheap Date Ideas eBook (19.97 Value) - Creative, Fun, and Exciting Dates for Under 20 bucks!
101 Free Date Ideas eBook (19.97 Value) - 101 Fun, Exciting and Creative Free Date Ideas that keep the MONEY in Your Pocket!
Bonus #1 (A $15 value, yours free.) - Top Ten Dating Turnoffs - do not make these mistakes! Learn them and AVOID THEM!
Bonus #2 (A $15 value, yours free.) - Top Ten Conversation Strategies - Learn these and never have a boring date again! Eliminate quiet and embarrasing dead spots!
Bonus #3 (A $15 value, yours free.) - First Date Advice, Tips and "Rules"! Start your relationship right and get that second date!
Bonus #4 (A $15 value, yours free.) - Techniques for Getting that Date! Tips on how to get her to say YES!
Bonus #5 (A $10 value, yours free.) - Ten Great One-Week Dates For Anniversaries and Special Occasions

How To Get The Complete Awesome Dating Ideas Package

Simply click here to place your order. And within just a few short moments you'll download the complete Awesome Dating Ideas package to your computer in 5 minutes or less. Use these date ideas today!

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Your No-Risk 3 Month
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Here's my guarantee to you. When you place your order for The Ultimate Collection of Awesome Date Ideas . You have a full 90 days to look over everything. If you're not 100% satisfied then I'll completely refund your money. It's that simple. No questions. No hassles. And no risk to you.

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dating ideas guarantee
dating ideas guarantee

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General questions: [email protected]

All the best,

Merrill Teemant
Author of Awesome Dating Ideas

P.S. Remember, an order here is simply an opportunity to EXAMINE, USE and TRY THESE DATE IDEAS out for up to 90 days without risk. Even if you're curious, go ahead, satisfy your curiosity and let the Awesome Dating Ideas package sell itself to you. Give it 90 days and watch it land you more dates with hot, good-looking women or men, no matter who they are. Download the Awesome Dating Ideas package

P.P.S. Go ahead and get it now, while it is still on your mind, you have nothing to lose but a headache from always trying to come up with new, better date ideas. Think about if you found just one - perfect date - for you. What kind of difference would that make in your life. What would that be worth to have access to that "perfect date?"

P.P.P.S. 404 dates at one a week is enough dates to last almost 8 years. Imagine never having to think of a dating idea for eight years! And each week you do something different, fun and unique. You are not wasting your time at some boring movie, but you are improving your relationships! At the end of the eight years, start over! Give it a try - you have a 90 day satisfaction gaurantee. Download the Awesome Dating Ideas package. Remember, one date from the 101 Great Cheap Dates or 101 Great Free dating ebooks will save you more money than the total cost of all 4 of the dating ebooks and the bonuses together.

P.P.P.P.S. These date ideas have all of the dating tips, dating advice and details you need to be successful in your dating. These dates give you the dating edge you desire to impress and win over your date. I have used these date ideas successfully time and time again - and now you have the opportunity to have the same success!

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